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Developer Briefing #32 – Resource Nodes

Posted by: Jonno on steam_community_announcements July 11, 2019

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing 32! This week we’re officially revealing ‘Resource Nodes’, the first stage of new features designed to add further RTS style tactical depth and player options to our existing Warfare game mode.

Resource Nodes will be arriving in Update 1 alongside other new content such as Utah Beach, but what are their purpose and how will they change the meta?

Let’s find out…

Introducing Resource Nodes

Resource Nodes are a new deployable for Engineers that generate resources per minute for your team.

These nodes come in three different varieties – Fuel, Munitions and Manpower.

German Resource Nodes

Successfully utilising these new tools will keep your Artillery firing and allow your Commander to utilise their abilities more often and for longer in a match.

To add to the importance of Resource Nodes we’re reducing the starting amount of all resources to 500. If you want those Arty guns to keep firing, you’d best build up and protect your infrastructure!

How they work

  • Deployable by Engineers at a cost of 50 supply each
  • Can only be built in controlled territory
  • Each node generates 5 resource a minute at base level.
  • Can be dismantled by any enemy players
  • Can be dismantled by any friendly players
  • Immune to weapon damage
  • Only two resource nodes of each type can be constructed per team – A maximum of 6 per team.
  • There is no spacing rule on how close Resource Nodes can be built next to each other
  • Scaling resource generation based on location
  • Cannot be built in HQ Sectors
  • Losing the territory they’re in WILL NOT destroy them
  • Captured territory will still generate passive resource income.

Location, location, location!

To add a further element of risk – reward to Resource Nodes, they will gain substantially more supplies the further they are away from your HQ Sectors. We’ll break it down below:

  • First row after HQ = x1
  • Second row after HQ = x2
  • Third row after HQ = x3

And so on!

Players will need to decide whether they keep their Resource Nodes near strongpoints or build them in a location(s) away from the focus of combat to keep them safer.

If you do decide to build a Resource Node hub away from a strongpoint, keep in mind that you’ll still encounter enemy scouts, vehicles and flanking units – as well as a potential call for strongpoint backup from Command if the enemy make a push into your territory.

US Resource Nodes

You probably spotted the point we made earlier about losing the territory that a Resource Node is in will not destroy it, unlike Observation Posts and Garrisons.

This rewards tactical placement and can even lead to some soldiers staying deep behind enemy lines as they secure a vital resource feed for their team to fuel a counterattack. Oh and make use of mines, they can make defending your Resource Nodes a lot easier!

If your team has just taken an enemy territory, it might be worth sending a unit or two to sweep the area for any entrenched foes and their nodes…

Coming to the frontline soon

That wraps up our introduction to Resource Nodes! With this addition we’re hoping to add a new layer of strategy to Warfare mode and give players more tactical decisions and combat options that take advantage of the whole map in every match they play.

Keep those supply lines open or feel the effects of attrition…

See you on the frontline!
Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a realistic World War Two first person shooter with open battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting front line and a unique resource based strategic meta-game. This is World War Two at a scale you’ve never played before.

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