After Playtesting: A Large Handful of Improvements Coming

Posted by: astralojia on steam_community_announcements June 29, 2019

I want Episode 1 to be as good as it can be, so after receiving a ton of useful feedback from PiroTae (Twitch streamer) and a handful of friends, as well as curators, I will be making the following improvements:

[First and Foremost]

1. Most important of all, the skill bars are too random and too fast, which leads to a lot of frustration, because instead of it coming down to skill it seems like it just comes down to a sense of randomness, which leads to the player feeling like he doesn't have a sense of control.
2. There absolutely NEEDS to be a camera follow mode for the PC version (this version) of the game. Right now you have to turn your camera and it has a hard time following the player when the player gets closer to the camera.
3. Regenerate less less less white magic per round when defending.
4. Attacks take more and more and more damage per round. These two improvements are essential, because otherwise certain battles can get caught in long loops in where a short battle that should last 1-3 minutes ends up lasting 10-20 minutes and NOT in a good way.
5. When you're defeated in battle, instead of going back to the title screen like a classic Final Fantasy, it should do what Kingdom Hearts does and have a 'Continue' button.

[Big Things]

6. Second priority: Instead of having this tutorial with all these images, it would be a lot easier to have a tutorial video in where I can go into detail about how to play the game. There are aspects of how the game works that need to be understood.

[Small Tweaks]

7. Menu indicator. Some parts you can access the menu, some parts you can't.
8. Part in outpost where after battling one kid, kid INSTEAD of taku says the obnoxious line.
9. The "WARNING Save often, and save in multiple slots!" image that's in the tutorial right now instead needs to instead be in the transfering between scenes. One solution I had was that you simply can't over-write save files UNTIL there are a total of 20 save files all together. The game is one in where like a qte adventure game, like a Telltale game you can't return to where you came. It's the opposite of open world.
10. Takus faceset, his nose is too low.
11. The music for some reason on the part where you battle the 3 kids plus the teacher in the flashback gets quiet on like the 2nd kid.
12. Simplify the save file display name.
13. OneOpponent, add a space to the word when it reads it from the enum.
14. For the map part, just have him look at the map without the need for the input, because the exclamation point bubble is used to emote not to activate things.
15. An X bubble for when you can't go back somewhere.
16. The final battle needs more playtesting and might be insanely hard.
Astralojia: Episode 1

Taku and his friends compete in a school of martial arts and magic, as they uncover the mysteries of the world of Astralojia.

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