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A Note For VR Players

Posted by: Frosted Brain on steam_community_announcements June 25, 2019

A player in the Steam discussions asked why some of the wolves/dogs upstairs are see through.

I realized there is definitely no context if you are exclusively a VR player since there is no dialogue to explain their appearance.

The wolves/dogs you see that are see through are actually virtual dogs.

This will be better illustrated soon. I am adding a sort of hovering puck above each that will project some cool effects downward giving the illusion of a hologram. (Fun Fact: This was the same tech they used to bring Tupac back at Coachella)
Desire Den

Desire Den is a scalie/furry themed swinger club simulator that includes versions for PC, VR and Android

Developer: Frosted Brain: After Dark

Publisher: Frosted Brain