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Our Alpha Phase is here!

Posted by: LucyG on steam_community_announcements June 22, 2019

After a couple of months of a LOT of hard work, we launched today the Alpha Phase of Relic Hunters Legend with tons of new content, bug fixes, improved systems and many things for you to discover on our galaxy!

You can check the details about the features that we implement on this build on the previous update here on Steam!

All hunters aboard!

Now everybody who supported the development of Relic Hunters Legend with our founder's packs or purchased our Kickstarter on the sub-$40 will receive their Alpha Keys. More people to play, more fun for everyone!

For our Founders, please check your Humble Bundle account to grab your key.

If you purchase one of these packs and didn’t receive your key, please contact us at this email: [email protected]

What is next? You decide!

There will have another poll with all of our Founders on our Discord Channel! We want to know where do you want us to focus next. More enemies and places? Finish the skills of all Hunters? More game modes? More progression systems? We'll see what you have to say!

And there are much more things to come! Follow us on our media and stay updated about everything we’re doing for Relic Hunters Legend.


Lucy, Mark and all the Rogue Snail Team.
Relic Hunters Legend

Fast. Fluid. Fun. Free. An online cooperative Shooter/Looter/RPG. Gather up to 4 friends, gear up, and save the Galaxy from a terrible villain who has stolen the past!

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