Early Access 1.7

Posted by: White Rabbit Games - Tom on steam_community_announcements June 19, 2019

For this update we have overhauled many existing locations to make them bigger and more interesting, with more story elements!

Here's a sneak peak at one changed location:

In changing the layout of these locations we have created different arrangements of obstacles. This lays the groundwork for our next patch, which will improve the Seeker experience.

We want to make fighting the Seeker (once you can kill it) more challenging, through improving the Seeker's AI and making use of the new location layouts.

In doing so we don't want to make it harder for new players in the early game though, instead we're aiming for a more exciting cat-and-mouse experience as you try to avoid the Seeker while looting the location.

After the big content update of this patch we also want to work on a lot of smaller improvements such as loot rebalancing, new things to craft, something new to harvest with a new tool, some new things in the desert between locations, and more NPCs.
Desert Skies

Desert Skies takes survival to the air! Build an airship and fly on an adventure through the deserts of the Wild West. Look for places to land and scavenge for loot, expand your airship and craft new equipment, but beware the dangers lurking beneath the sands!

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