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New Alpha Build - Spicy Update at the END OF THE WEEK

Posted by: Summer on steam_community_announcements June 16, 2019

SOON! A new load of bug fixes, but I'm content to the point where Spicy Update will be out by the end of the week for ALL users.

Over 45 minutes of content! New characters, a new location, and one spicy boss fight!

Of course, if you want to see the new stuff NOW you can join the Discord and find out the secret debug menu.... I always enjoy folks seeing what I have!

* Issac got his sprites finished, and his AI has been tweaked where he'll always summon lava at least ONCE. And he fires more bullets.

*Lurkers now grab Leto - there's a new popup when it happens so you'll know how to get out of it!

* Lava stage got tweaked a little~

* Tabris will not let you leave the ship until you talk to his daughter. This is appropriate because it's Father's Day. <3

Next - few audio tweaks.. then marketing!

As always, PLEASE feel free to talk to me however you like below!


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Mercenary Leto

A science-fantasy action platformer with a nostalgic pixel look. Travel the galaxy with a cast of memorable and endearing characters, ride one fluffy dragon, and stumble onto a plot to stop dragon poachers.

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