HOTFIX Fire in the Sky

Posted by: Marilou_BHVR on steam_community_announcements June 14, 2019

Following the community feedback, we decided to increase the cooldown of 'Shock' from (5.5)s → (6)s.

Hotfix June 14th:

- Private Games is re enabled
- Play with Friends party split tentative fix
- Private games party split tentative fix
- 'Shock' cooldown increased from (5.5)s → (6)s
- Increased stability of the build

Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST

Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST is a multiplayer survival action game in which a ruthless hunter tracks and guns down scavengers, desperate individuals trying to survive and escape the Deathgarden

Developer: Behaviour Digital Inc.

Publisher: Behaviour Digital Inc.