Update 37. Bug fixes, VR Optimization and new content

Posted by: Odyssey on steam_community_announcements June 12, 2019


There was a problem when some streamers and players experienced crashes during the Act 1 gameplay. We have fixed the issue and updated the game.

Update includes:

1. Update to crashing
2. Erased the exit game function in act 1.
3. Optimizations for VR Headset.
4. VR quick teleport menu is now located in the spaceship wall.
5. Extended the teleportation area in the space ship.
6. Created extra buttons to get out from controlling the ship's movements.
7. Fixed the issue with door animation.
8. Fixed the out-of-scale feeling in the main lobby in VR.
9. Added a second tutorial teleportation zone.
10. Fixed some materials in the main lobby as they were too bright for eyes in VR.
11. Added a tooltip when you press ESC keyboard button when playing the Desktop Experience.
12. Added a patch note and version number in the menu when you start the game.

Image: Here is a quick reminder that the engine nozzles are located outside of the spaceship. If you are moving in VR, just use your controller to fly around or teleport. You need to find the tool first and it is located neat the moving spaceship part when you are taking a spacewalk after the asteroid hits. When you have the tool, you can fix the engine nozzle that is located in right behind the spaceship. Just click multiple times and you will win the game!

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