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Open Development Week #82: Announcing the Alpha Release Date!

Posted by: LucyG on steam_community_announcements June 11, 2019

Hey Hunters,

Long time no see, uh? Sorry for the silence during the last couple of months.

A lot of things happened, and production has been moving at a solid pace, but I (Mark) am the sole person responsible for these updates.

I had a family tragedy in May that took a heavy toll not only on my time, but also on my energy to come out and do social things like hanging out on Discord with you, or writing these development updates.

There's also something I usually call "mid-development blues" that happens on every single big project like this (I swear, it happens every time, with every team). You start feeling like you've been wasting too much time to get things done, you start to doubt your ability to actually get the game to the finish line, and you start to doubt if anyone is actually going to like it and what the heck was I thinking when I thought this was good helpmeI'mafraud.

At the end of the day, I am very grateful for having a wonderful, wonderful team at Rogue that is sharing this dream with me, and the support and trust of you, our Founders, who are giving us this opportunity. We will not squander it.


Deep breath.

It's ok now.

Let's talk about happy stuff!

All Hunters Aboard!

Our Alpha build for Relic Hunters Legend has a confirmed release date of June 22nd. We will let in everybody who has ever supported us. If you purchased our Kickstarter on the sub-$40 tier, or if you purchased our $20 Founders pack, this is your entry point!

Originally we planned to let more people in during the Beta, but it's taking way longer than we had predicted. At this point, the Alpha backers have been playing the game for a year already. They want more people to play together with, so it's a win-win for everyone!

What's In the Alpha?

There are many new things on the Alpha build!

  • The main new feature (that you voted for!) is... guns! There are now over 50 base guns with cool models, animations, sound effects, visual effects, everything. They also come with randomized item affixes and damage types.
  • Hunter Screen (inventory) is improved, with better and new feedback, shiny visuals and that cool reflection that we always wanted to do!
  • Materials now drop from enemies all around Galyno Canyons. There are many different Materials to collect, with different uses and rarities.
  • Recycling items now award you with Materials depending on the item that was recycled.
  • You can use materials to Enhance your items, increasing their power and Gear Score. You can keep the ones with good rolls instead of just using whatever was higher item level!
  • The item drop system has been reworked and we have Item Labels and new effects to make loot more clear.
  • The item drop system can now drop our new Unique items, Set items, Augmented items and Exotic items.

  • We currently have only one implemented Unique Weapon: the Blade Knight.
  • The Help Others system allows you to join games to help other players. In the future this will award you with a social currency called "Karma" that you can trade for cool rewards!
  • The Map Screen has been improved and is now closer to our vision for the final game.
  • All Menus are now closely resembling the final vision, and the ones that are not done have little descriptions to explain how the game is going to grow and evolve.

What is NOT in the Alpha?

Sadly, we still haven't reached the full scope of what we had planned for the Alpha last year.

  • Raff still has no skills in-game.
  • Ace is still missing his Utility skill (Improvised Plan) and his Charge skill (Holo-Sandwich).
  • We have yet to implement the additional Game Modes: Defense, Payload and Distraction.
  • We have yet to implement Special Missions.

What's next?

You decide! No, really. We are going to have another poll with all of our Founders after the Alpha build is deployed. I'm sure you will all have a lot of feedback for us, and we want to know where do you want us to focus next. More enemies and places? Finish the skills of all Hunters (especially Raff)? More gamemodes? More progression systems? We'll see what you have to say!

Join us on our Discord to participate in this when the time comes!

Come chat with me on our Livestream!

Want to take an early look at the Alpha in-development? I will be live on our Twitch channel showing it and talking about game design and what's planned for Relic Hunters.

Don't miss it this Friday 14th at Noon PT / 1 PM ET / 4 PM BRT

And don't forget to follow our media!

See you soon!


Relic Hunters Legend

Fast. Fluid. Fun. Free. An online cooperative Shooter/Looter/RPG. Gather up to 4 friends, gear up, and save the Galaxy from a terrible villain who has stolen the past!

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