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v.205 - Pathfinder Patch Notes

Posted by: Aletai on steam_community_announcements June 12, 2019

Adventure awaits, dear Maplers! Our new Pathfinder class is almost here, so follow us to Adventure Island, where there’s a journey around every corner. Battle against monsters to prove yourself as a Maple World legend; use your code-breaking skills to earn prizes; win coins by wailing on test dummies in the training grounds; and join in other fun island events! We’re also making a number of job balance adjustments, increasing Star Force Enhancement success rates, and hosting a Tera Burning Project event where you can level up a new character quickly. If that wasn’t enough, you can also explore our brand new theme dungeon: the Secret Forest of Elodin! A new quest is on the horizon - join us with Pathfinder!

Read the Patch Notes here!

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