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An update on our anti-cheating measures

Posted by: DKShadow_Team17 on steam_community_announcements June 12, 2019

Hi everyone. We wanted to give you an update as soon as possible on our anti-cheating measures:

Some of you may have noticed that a number of players have circumvented our anti-cheating measures within the last 24 hours - ruining the gameplay experience for everyone else. Please know that we are actively banning these players as quickly as we can.

Server Updates

In an effort to eliminate cheating, we’ll be rolling out an update to our servers that should remove players’ ability to engage with the various cheats currently being exploited. We’re expecting this update to go live as soon as possible tomorrow (most likely AM BST).

The server update will be rolling out on a server by server basis, after which we’ll be closely monitoring the game to ensure that everything is up and running – and of course that cheaters are nowhere to be found. Should you encounter any server issues or cheaters of any kind after this update, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can investigate the issue.

Family Sharing

As an additional step to help combat potential cheating, we have decided to disable Family Sharing for Hell Let Loose. We apologize to any players that may be affected by this change; your experience with Hell Let Loose is of key importance to us, and we want to ensure that we’ve taken every possible step to prevent cheaters from ruining your experience.

See you on the front line!
Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a realistic World War Two first person shooter with open battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting front line and a unique resource based strategic meta-game. This is World War Two at a scale you’ve never played before.

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