Minimal Move on Kickstarter : 5 more days to go!

Posted by: yuu on steam_community_announcements June 9, 2019

5 days left until Minimal Move's Kickstarter finale!!!

This intensive Kickstarter campaign will be over in 5 more days!
If you consider to pledge our game Minimal Move on Kickstarter,
please do it now!!!

We still have 22% more to go!!!
We hope to reach this amount to finish this production of the game!

The goal is not only the achievement of the amount but also, having a network all over the world through this campaign to expand a community with strong connections and active communications in exchange for players’ various viewpoints on the game’s production.

Check our campaign page here :

For everyone who pledge any reward of Minimal Move on Kickstarter!
You'll get this heart aura 💓 on Kaiten and Ido!

We hope you can participate our campaign!
Please share this campaign of our game with your friends and family!
We send our love 💓 to you!

Minimal Move

A cooperative puzzle game in 3D! Your adventure starts when two space investigators, Kaiten and Ido, land in a wonder cubic world, where they attempt to discover the truth about the planet… Are you a fan of a challenging and intellectual puzzle game? Engage your brain, cooperate with each other and think in 3D!

Developer: Tako Studio

Publisher: Tako Studio