Devblog #11: What fuels our production?

Posted by: Clock Drive Games on steam_community_announcements June 7, 2019


While our programmers and QAs are in the midst of fierce preparations for next week and the start of another round of internal testing of gameplay changes, we wanted to take a closer look at what drives our team forward. Is it dreams of creating a tactical combat game that will be enjoyed by many? Hopes that a small team can make a game that will stand toe-to-toe with the giants of the genre? Aspirations to make a name for our studio with our first-born-game? NO! It's caffeine and sugar of course, in copious, almost sinful amounts.

Yes indeed! Nothing’s better than some - all right, all right - a lot of caffe latte to get those creative juices flowing and to reinforce the ability to make tough decisions. In a bind over something Goran? Have another sip!

Well, if you ever wondered how we manage to make such beautiful characters and environments - and in UNITY for that matter - look no further! With amounts of sugar in his system that would surely kill a lesser man, G here is ready to kick all the polygons out of this model's ass!

No coding problem is unsolvable for Dacha, not while high-octane-grade energy drinks are pumping through his veins! It grants him almost an occult insight into the code of Warlander and he still claims he's just one chug away from figuring out whether we're all living in a simulation or not.

Black gold this coffee is, our writer claims! One time Mladen drank enough of it that he went around the office telling people he's Bruce Warheart and that all have to run, run, Technos are coming! Of course, we questioned his sanity, but he got a clean bill of health, so here he is, listening to dialogue takes... But we still think that coffee left its mark on him!


NO game devs have been hurt during this production. We take care of ourselves and of each other to the best of our ability. This blog is simply here for your entertainment. We're not trying to get you addicted to coffee and/or sugar... Or are we?

There! Now you know what transpires inside the world of Clock Drive Games while all of us are hard at work bringing the world of Warlander to life. Be sure to check our next week’s blog post – we will bring you exciting new info about changes to our gameplay!

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Wreak your path of vengeance in a procedurally generated dark fantasy world, with a unique take on stamina-based combat. Battle in arenas with interactive environment, where every run will be one of a kind. Experience a variety of abilities and power-ups, along with permadeath. Slice, Die, Repeat.

Developer: Clock Drive Games

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