Hotfix 2 - Missing Active Servers

Posted by: Jonno on steam_community_announcements June 7, 2019

Hey everyone,

We've seen reports of some players being unable to find servers when navigating the server browser.

A client-side hotfix has now gone live that we hope will go some way in addressing this:

  • Fixed an issue in the server browser where active servers could not be seen after previously setting a filter.

If you're still experiencing missing servers after the hotfix please try the following:

Change the server browser ping (In your Steam client settings) from Auto to 3000 in your Steam client settings.

Once you've done this step, log out and back into Steam again and you should be good to go.

Next week we'll be continuing hotfixes and also be releasing our first patch!

Thank you all so much for your support and feedback over the last 24+ hours, we'll see you on the frontline.

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