Early Access 1.5

Posted by: White Rabbit Games - Tom on steam_community_announcements June 6, 2019

New Seeker Spawn System

Today's update overhauls the Seeker spawn system, we think it's a lot more engaging now!

When you approach a location a noise bar will now appear on the left under the fuel bar. This represents how aware the Seeker is that prey (you) is running around the desert. The noise you make while exploring a location will be sensed by the Seeker and the bar will increase until it fills up and the Seeker arrives!

The new system will give you some control over whether and when the Seeker will arrive at a location. Play around and you'll figure out the rules - one hint we'll give you is that your footsteps are only sensed when on the sand.

We don't want the new system to take away the surprise and panic of the Seeker's arrival though, so we've added a few new noise-making elements. Watch out for random patches of gravel while you explore, and be aware that the worn wooden doors of the West can sometimes open with a bang!

This is a brand new system and it's going to need some balancing. Please let us know whether you think some things add too much noise to the bar - or too little. Once we've got a good balance we'll soon start adding other noise-making elements to the locations to keep you on your toes while you explore.

Deconstructing Platforms!

We've received quite a few feedbacks requesting this so we got it in this patch. You can deconstruct platforms and descenders so long as they're not supporting other structures or work stations.

Other Fixes

  • We added more anvils to the early game and a bit more obvious (I don't know why the blacksmith took his anvil to the outhouse!). We're thinking about how we can ensure people don't miss those key early game items without having other players end up with 4 anvils in their inventory.
  • Fixed a rare save game bug where if you saved at the right (wrong?) moment the game wouldn't load.
  • Fixed the issue where if you killed the Seeker shortly before the showdown location then it wouldn't spawn there and so the doors wouldn't open, trapping you inside.
  • Crafting stations now show if they will produce more than one item (eg "Craft 5 Nails").

Next Patch

The next patch will bring our first oasis location, and with it a cool surprise. At an oasis you'll be able to take a break without fear of the Seeker arriving to chase you away.


We've been overwhelmed by the amount of feedback sent to us, thank you! Be assured that we read it all and add so many items to our todo list based on it. We'll reply as we can over the coming days.

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