Colony Zone Nation Wars Winners - Temporary Garges Rules

Posted by: Lord_Kurian on steam_community_announcements June 4, 2019

Hail Knights!
As you may know these Garges weapons the winners have received are temporary. The players that won the CZ Nation wars will have them for 30 days, and after the 30 days are gone, that's the end of it.

To keep these items from staying in our game we will have to impose some rules for all those who will receive them, and they are the following.

1. No Trading of the item will be allowed.
2. Bugging the item out of its expiration time is forbidden.
3. No selling of the item or profiting from it is allowed.

But why? I wanted to lend it to my friend?'re technically bugging the item and as you may know,

Bug Abuse can sanction players according to GMs discression.

If you would like to transfer the item to someone for a very good reason, let Lord Kurian know.

Spread the word as we will not discrimante against players that say they're unaware there were rules, it's being posted everywhere.

We have chosen to impose these rules due to the amount of exploits players can cause when bugging the Garges weapons.

We appreciate your understanding.

Best Regards,
Lord Kurian
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