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Explosive Trades (Update 0.11.0)

Posted by: elZanc0 on steam_community_announcements June 4, 2019

  • Trading NPC items now restock

Location images


  • Ship Trade: Show the slot icons
  • Missile Battery
  • Med-Drone Launcher
  • Weapon turrets are colored in faction schemes now

New turret shooting 3 missiles at once

The Cure got himself a nice new drone launcher.


  • Pirate boss Dieu-Le-Veut, Simon Krull, Mr. Gates
  • Adaptions: Vasquez' lizard own portrait, GAC male: Sun-Moon version

Other stuff

  • More neon info signs (quick travel, ship trade, cargo container, garage, bar / cafĂ©)
  • Punch sounds added to various dialog scenes
  • One-hit-exploding asteroids

Not too dangerous yet, but could become salty in the future.... ;)

Ships & weapons

  • Capitals acceleration increased
  • Weapon optimization (Capital lasers and more)


  • General performance improvements
  • Renderer modernization


  • Ship Trade: Show additional drawables and emitter
  • Analysis HUD: Draw items and asteroids with emitter
  • Tooltip improvements
  • Readables inspect window: vert scrollbar added


  • Updates & polishing

    FTA random female, Atlas, J12 random military, J12 female, Mr. Shiro, Caduceus male, Supreme Court judge, FTA agent male


Other stuff

  • Savegames: Validate shields and devices too
  • General savegame improvements

  • Savegames: docked ships loose the detail mode state
  • Controller: Cursor gone after exiting trade window with B
  • Thruster is always uncharged on savegame load
  • Possible crash when a person is deleted but still has a pending Message Request
  • Burst weapons can fail trying to finish the first recharge
  • Ship AI does not attack the Player sometimes if no friendlies are nearby
  • The Travel group waiting at destination state disables the ship target rotation (The Cure doesn't rotate during battle)
  • Auxilium cannot attack the CAD Escort
  • Crash when opening inventory (old savegame)
  • Old saves could have an invalid rajid dialog block
  • Ship selection stays after death when the respawn is delayed
  • Only show autopilot landing/leaving when a docking state is active
  • Autopilot says "landing" even if it cannot land
  • End an auto pause, on dialog end, only when it came from the dialog
  • Show the Cooldown HUD when a laser is bursting
  • Minimum energy required for laser should be based on the p_ttl
  • Remove the unused "Zion Farm" ship data

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