Incoming Update: Voltage Super Retro

Posted by: IcanY on steam_community_announcements June 1, 2019

Voltage Super Retro is Early Access DLC.

Voltage main game has graduated from Early Access, but Voltage Super Retro has not yet received latest updates about performance, bug fixes, game logic and more (Super Retro will receive same updates as the main game).

Update is coming 10th June at the latest.

Update will bring all the improvements and fixes which has been made to the main game already.

VOLTAGE SuperRetro Edition is graphically designed to look almost 100% Amiga/C-64 -game, it is using special shaders. Now you can play Voltage with a SuperRetro look! Voltage Super Retro is graphically designed for hardcore Retro players! This DLC includes the same game as the main game, but this version comes with ultra retro shaders, which makes Voltage look like Amiga / C64-game. So if you are more fan for ultra retro than main game future retro style, you can play now with SuperRetro -look!

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Voltage Development


RETRO RAMPAGE FOR PC! Set in the town of Frontier, Missouri, in the 1980s, young man called Mark finds a prototype of VR-glasses. And to his surprise, the glasses are compatible with his Amiga 500. He launches a game and step in to an incredible adventure..

Developer: F-Games

Publisher: JTS Development