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Сhanges in the last 2 weeks

Posted by: Koker 007 on steam_community_announcements May 31, 2019

Main changes

  • pressure scale is now at the bottom of the screen and the pressure drop notification was combined
  • if the charge scale is full, you get a notification text
  • size of avatars uploaded in the friends table has been changed from 32x32 to 64x64
  • bugfix - boot on first try, your main avatar in the game menu was restored
  • now the player has a larger physical body, tanks become easier to hit


  • bugfix - now the faucet above the bath rotates correctly


  • the bottom of the fire hydrant is no longer transparent


  • An invisible approach to the road was added, tanks more often leave for the road


  • fighter flight speed increased
  • bugfix - if you shoot down a fighter he stops blowing smoke

Recently, there have been small changes, because I spent more time on advertising. as I promised in the summer I will be engaged in randomization.

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People update

PiiSim - April 22, 2020

People have been added to the game.

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This game with absurd humor. Pee in the toilet, break the toilet, washing machine, make a hole in the wall, piss the police, destroy the city.

Developer: Koker_007

Publisher: Koker_007