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Version 4.7462 Beta release

Posted by: Whirligig on steam_community_announcements May 27, 2019

Here comes another update. I’ve worked on a few bugs reported by users. Continued integration of the SteamVR 2.2 SDK and with testing on the 3 headset options, WMR, Oculus and Vive.

- Updated Oculus SDK, Unity3D and SteamVR SDK

- Fixed (hopefully) the issue with non English setup machines.

- Fixed issue with Windows Mixed Reality controllers.

- Added Mixed Reality Controller inputs for the joysticks.

- Added Polish language option. Very kindly provided by a user :).

- Fixed some smaller bugs.

So that’s the current updates. So if you find any issues please let me know so I can have a go at fixing them for them. With the updates of the SDK’s and Unity3D new bugs might have crept in so any help with spotting them is gratefully received.

Other than that, happy watching :)

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Whirligig 4.78 beta update

Whirligig VR Media Player - November 7, 2019

So there are big updates and small ones in this release. Firstly I’ve spent a good while trying to optimise the code to improve performance. This isn’t something a lot of people will notice but it’s worth it to keep Whirligig running smoothly.

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