0.17.0 Release

Posted by: TheWaveVR on steam_community_announcements May 23, 2019

New Features
-Wave objects can use Rotation + Scroller modifiers. Spinning lasers anyone?
-Many Wave objects can be scaled - including floors!
-Changed how object locking works: locked objects cannot be selected in-world and no more red highlights
-Under-the-hood changes to prepare for upcoming features… stay tuned

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where running the app in the background lowered performance over time
-More consistent laser-pointer behavior
-Fixed bugs when changing scenes while holding objects
-Lots of smaller changes and polish

Known issues / coming soon...
-There are many issues that happen when loading Waves, from long load times to missing objects. We’re working on it!
-Fixes coming soon for VJ-board-stealing and unwanted-Trip-trolling
-Improvements to audio streaming coming soon

You can download Wave for free worldwide! We are designed for a room-scale experience using the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift (with Touch controllers), with experimental support for Windows MR:


We have an officially verified Discord server! Jump in and meet our friendly community:


You can also follow us on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on our app and new events. There is also an active community-run subreddit and a community-run Steam group!





Other Wave Beta News

Official Wave: Goldroom

Wave Beta - September 17, 2019

Join us this Wednesday in Wave as Goldroom delivers a live-streamed virtual DJ set, in a tropical cyber oasis! The show will be available one-time only in VR, Desktop mode, or live-streamed to Wave's Twitch and Goldroom's Facebook page! The Twitch livestream will be interactive and have features for the chat participants to join in on.

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