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New Alpha Build - Audio, portraits, and a new look for Debug Chan!

Posted by: Summer on steam_community_announcements May 21, 2019


Just wanted to do another weekly push as I drive through these last few things...

New audio sounds for when Gilbert transforms in the lava level, when lurkers activate, and for Issac's boss fight

All portraits got touched a little - including new portraits when Delta Aberrations remove their helmets!! - many thanks to my artist Zacharie!

Debug Chan got a brand hew portrait! Say hello!

Issues - Issac's new laugh is temporary and terrible, though if you want to enjoy it, now is your chance...
Tabris likes to flip randomly during cutscenes
You can still dash on lava :V

I'll be working on that and much more! I believe the spicy update will be official during the first week of June. H Y P E!

As always, PLEASE feel free to talk to me however you like below!


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