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Irony Curtain's Revolutionary Update #1

Posted by: Artifex Mundi on steam_community_announcements May 18, 2019


Thank you for purchasing the Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love! We hope that your journey to the bestest country in the world was as great as babushka’s compot! If so, leave as a Steam Review – for the glory of Matryoshka!

This is the first of a few updates to Irony Curtain. We are aware that Western Spies have planted some bugs here and there, but our special antispy forces are ready to eliminate them once and for all!

That’s why we’re presenting you the official Revolutionary Update with some fixes and polishes, including:

  • fixed a few active area points for better cursor feedback;
  • fixed a blocking bug that could occur when exiting the Floor Run minigame while Evan is still running;
  • fixed sound timing for two final cutscenes;
  • fixed errors and typos in the German version of the game;
  • made The Butcher's line of business more obvious.

As you might have noticed, the premiere build is missing manual save slots. We’ve found that there is a possibility that reloading the manual save might fail to call all of the proper actions and changes on a scene, which can cause errors. Since those errors might be game blocking in specific cases, we decided to turn this feature off and only bring it back when we are 300% sure that it works properly. Hopefully, this happens very very soon.

Don’t forget to spread the love for the bestest country in the world on your social media, using #IronyCurtain hashtag. You can also reach us on Irony Curtain’s Steam Forum.
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