Update for Kreedz Climbing released

Posted by: Raptor on steam_community_announcements May 16, 2019

An update for Kreedz Climbing has been released. This patch will be automatically applied by Steam within 15 minutes. You may have to restart Steam for the update to immediately begin downloading.

Please note that when a patch is released, the currently running servers will be out of date and won't show up on your server browser anymore. Once they update they will appear again!


  • Added a new flag for trigger_jumpcontrol: Double Duck Only. Has the same effect as No Jumping, but is only active in Counter-Strike 1.6 Movement, not CS:GO.

    Mappers commonly use "No Jump" trigger_jumpcontrols to designate doubleduck-only areas in their map. Since CS:GO Movement doesn't have a doubleduck, no jumping areas that require the doubleduck will render the map impossible to complete. This new flag lets mappers specify this is a doubleduck section, and if the map is being played in CS:GO mode the restriction will be ignored, allowing players to continue jumping as normal.

  • Added an option to set the viewmodel to sway in the direction of view turning, as opposed to the default lagging behind behaviour. Only affects Source Sway mode. kz_cl_weapon_sway_directionofturn, also in the advanced options.

  • Added kz_cl_weapon_offset_x, kz_cl_weapon_offset_y, kz_cl_weapon_offset_z commands which let you offset the position of the viewmodel (the current weapon) on your screen.


  • It's now possible again to bunnyhop up slopes (the removal of this was actually an unintended mistake, sorry about that!).

  • cl_wpn_sway_scale is no longer a cheat command.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Source Sway mode making the viewmodel jitter when playing on multiplayer servers.

  • Fixed the chat window being impossible to close if you don't have the chat input box at the bottom selected (this could happen if you select the chat history part or the filters instead).

Happy climbing!
Kreedz Climbing

Kreedz Climbing is the ultimate non-violent 3D platformer. Race against time and other players...or not and just relax on a server and watch others as they compete with the best to become a legend on the scene!

Developer: ObsessionSoft

Publisher: ObsessionSoft