Yesterday's Update

Posted by: chrisoutrage on steam_community_announcements May 16, 2019

Hi everyone,

Yesterday's update included the following:

1. Full Xbox One crossplay support; also, PS4 crossplay
* NOTE: We believe Xbox One version is finally complete - awaiting approval
* Due to Sony restrictions, only PC players can crossplay with consoles - PS4 players cannot play with Xbox One players (yes our code could allow it, yet Sony's stance is clear).
2. 50% more EXP awarded for all game modes
3. Store optimizations for high-end PCs (pre-caching outfits in memory)
4. Audio improvements for Battle Royale mode
5. Localized gamepad vibration from bomb explosions
6. Tons of small bug fixes that should help make the game even more stable when using parties, playing multiplayer, ...
* These improvements were found while QA'ing the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game

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Xbox 1 Version - Coming July 12th

Blast Zone! Tournament - June 29, 2019

Approved by Microsoft and being released on July 12th :)

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