Update 0.2.1

Posted by: Alexander on steam_community_announcements May 16, 2019

  • Now, when destroying enemy buildings, resources will drop.

  • Added display of the number of collected resources during the game.

  • Added opponents display of the armor level.

  • For a failed mission, no more items are given out.

  • Fixed some misspells in the text.

  • Improved balance between player and opponent aircrafts.

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Update 0.2.3

Sky of Destruction - August 7, 2019

Updated version of the game engine.

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Update 0.1.5 May 1, 2019

Update 0.1.3 April 29, 2019

Update 0.1.2 April 29, 2019

The Sky of Destruction launched into early access April 25, 2019

Aircraft carrier upgrade April 23, 2019

New aircrafts April 22, 2019

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Sky of Destruction

Sky of Destruction is a top-down shooter created by a team of two people. Combine aircrafts in your combat fleet, which will help you during the mission. Your goal is to destroy the enemy aircraft carrier or buildings, breaking through the enemy air armada. Explosions and total destruction!

Developer: Satur Entertainment

Publisher: Satur Entertainment