New Hero and Initiate difficulty; Trainer rework

Posted by: That_Luigi on steam_community_announcements May 16, 2019

Hey Everyone.

We have been watching a lot of the game play and feedback from our community, and today we pushed up a couple of new things and some large changes that many have asked for.

The first is the introduction of an easy mode and a hard mode or Initiate and Hero as we call it in game. The second being a rework on how the trainer works. Read through all this as the trainer rework does add added difficulty to a run as well.

Easy mode (initiate) / Hard mode (Hero)

When starting a new game you will now have 3 choices;

A good way to learn the base mechanics of The Last Hex.
Enemies have 20% less health
Enemies have 20% less stats
Intent is always on

This is our normal mode that The Last Hex launched with

This is our hard mode that increases the difficulty of a run
Enemies have 40% more health
Enemies have 25% more stats
Intent is always off

These new difficulties are based around testing on our end, and may be tweaked over time depending on feedback. And is a start to a challenge mode / increasing difficulty mode as the system is now in place to let us do more things like this.

Trainer rework

We have a re-balance for the town trainers that we think will help smooth the curve of the game. Our new trainer system now scales by each of the three stats individually, and the more you purchase in each zone, the higher the prices will raise. To compensate, moving to then next zone will start you on the new zone's pricing table, which may end up being cheaper after buying a few stats from earlier areas.

Our goal is to help people get started but keeping early stats a little cheaper, but also incentivize moving to the next zone when player's can handle it. We hope this will balance out the experience a bit. Please do let us know what you think of the change!

As always let us know your thoughts. And let us know what else you would like to see in the game.
The Last Hex

A deckbuilding RPG with roguelike elements. The dead arise and only you can stand against them. Travel the lands to slay monsters, acquire new cards, survive dangerous encounters and claim powerful equipment to enhance your deck. A final showdown with The Lost awaits you at...The Last Hex!

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