Update 0.8.6. What's new?

Posted by: PaprikashWorks on steam_community_announcements May 15, 2019

  • tooltips for UI elements are added
  • fixed the size of background image on the wide screens (more than 2k)
  • small fix on the mod selection screen
  • fixed bug in race results news, when the 2nd and the 3d drivers were placed into a wrong team
  • bug in signing contracts with drivers when one driver take two slots for next season have already fixed.
    In old saves with this bug the contract duplicates will be deleted and you will be able to continue playing
  • the second race speed is faster a bit now
  • the fuel is measured in liters now (not in laps)
  • there added new buttons in race screen : Save fuel and Engine power increase.
  • the concentration parameter have a bit more influence in qualification now
  • AI teams sign contracts a little bit longer now

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