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Update 21 - "The Storm" Is Live!

Posted by: Mark Venturelli on steam_community_announcements May 9, 2019

PSA: MAC Users: Please be patient, the update will take a couple of days to go live on OSx. Sorry about that :(

Hey Hunters,

So here we are, after a few weeks of teasing: the Storm update is live! This is the biggest update to the game since launch, and I am super stoked to see what you think about it.
The update’s namesake is a completely new game mode called “Storm”. I have been having a lot of fun with Risk of Rain recently, so I looked at Relic Hunters Zero and thought “hey, I could totally make a RoR-inspired gameplay work in here”... that’s what I did!

Of course, it is still a bit wonky and nowhere near as deep as Risk of Rain, but it is still a heartfelt tribute, a good change of pace from “regular” Relic Hunters and, hopefully, a lot of fun!

This comes with a massive update to everything in the game, from combat overhaul, bug fixes, rebalancing, new content, and much more.

And remember, the game is still open source. You can mess with the code yourselves, and if the community wants to make additions and changes to this new gamemode, maybe we can turn it into something really special!

Go here to download the source code (requires the free version of Game Maker Studio 2):

There are some tutorials available on my youtube channel, but keep in mind they are a bit out of date.

Donation button

It was supposed to be just a small, quick update for April. I ended up working on this for over 30 days on my spare time. According to my logged hours on Steam on Game Maker Studio 2, it was almost 120 hours of work. As much as I love working on Zero, the game is now big and complex enough (and the codebase bad enough) that updates are a very serious effort every time.

So after 4 years I have decided to add a “Donation” option on Steam. If you have enjoyed Relic Hunters for free at any point during these last few years and want to thank me, Betu and Raph for it, you can now purchase it.

It does NOT come with any content, not even a cosmetic one, nothing at all. The game is still 100% free, and donating (or not!) will not change that. I will update it for as long as my computer is still able to open the project and compile it, because I love this game so much and I am very grateful for what the game and the community brought to my life.

“Updated forever”, remember?

Translation Help!

We have a lot of new text that has not been translated to every language, so if you want to contribute with translations to your language, you can go to this spreadsheet:

Let me or Lucy know on Discord if you want a language to be updated from the sheet.

Not happy with the changes?

I have changed the game A LOT, and I know this might not sit well with some people. Don’t worry, I got you: there is now a “legacy” branch on Steam where you can keep the game as it was before the Storm.

Thanks, Hunters!




**Major Changes**
New Game Mode: The Storm (Beta), inspired by Risk of Rain;
New Difficulty selection: Beginner, Hard and Epic modes;
You can now equip as many Relics as you want instead of just 3;
10 new Relics;
3 new Bosses;
4 new Guns;
New dynamic camera for Local Co-Op play;
Complete combat rebalance;
Items now have Item Rarity, color coded (white, green, blue, purple, red);
Renamed Punny to Panzer to align with Legend canon;
Updated to latest version of GM:S2;
Big performance improvements;

**New Features**
You can now play The Storm from the main menu after you have unlocked Endless mode by either completing the game or purchasing it from Gunnar on the Adventure lobby;
You can now select between three difficulties in all game modes: Beginner, Hard and Epic. This changes damage taken, enemy health, enemy aggression, and some mechanics and timers on Storm mode;
Enemies have no factions on Storm mode and gang up on the player;
New HUD for the Relics;
You can now put your mouse cursor over the Relics on the HUD to see their names and descriptions;
New Bosses: Turlek Captain, Kami King, Skeleton King
New Relic "Shell Candy" - All guns also fire a shotgun blast (idea by community member awesomeface24);
New Relic "Purple Juice” - Enemies Explode When They Die;
New Relic "Rabbit Ears” - Fires Rockets When You Dash;
New Relic "Pure Sand” - Damage All Enemies When You Pick Up Bounty;
New Relic "Loaf of Bread” - Killing Enemies Regenerates Your Shields;
New Relic "Blood Moon” - Killing Enemies Reloads Your Gun;
New Relic "Black Cat” - Chance to Deal Double Damage;
New Relic "Multitool” - Triple Reload Speed;
New Relic "Actual Carrot” - More Stamina Regen;
New Relic "Fire Freak” - Double Rate of Fire;
New Gun: “Blast SMG”;
New Gun: “Blast Rifle”;
New Gun: “Fire Pistol”;
New Gun: “Fire SMG”;
When playing co-op, the camera will zoom out a bit based on how far players are from each other;

** Gameplay: General**
Reduced Max Screen Shake by 25%
Increased all gun accuracy by 15%
Scrap rewards when recycling are now based on item rarity
Your own explosions no longer hurt you
Effective projectile speed doubled on Plasma weapons (Plasma Pistol, Plasma SMG, Ducan Plasma)
Minigun and Relic Minigun fire rate acceleration increased by 100%
Dev Potion ammo regen speed increased by 100%
Crystal Bacon now regenerates life on kill instead of on stage clear
Reduced Sprint stamina cost from 0.3 to 0.2
Overshield prices reduced on Endless Shop by 10-15%
Chances of Overshield appearing on Endless increased by 100%
Endless Shop Reset price reduced from 800 to 400
Increased Grenade boxes spawn chance on Endless by 300%
Halloween Candy hp healing reduced from 5 to 1
Completely reworked all gamepad values, from crosshair speed to rumble values, for a smoother experience

**Gameplay: Characters**
Increased Ace's base hp from 60 to 110
Ace's shields reduced from 30 to 25
Increased Panzer`s base hp from 40 to 80
Panzer's shields reduced from 80 to 60
Increased Biu's base hp from 260 to 350
Increased Raff's base hp from 100 to 180
Raff's shields reduced from 60 to 40
Increased Pinkyy's base hp from 200 to 280
Pinkyy's shields reduced from 50 to 30
Increased Jimmy's base hp from 140 to 200
Jimmy's shields reduced from 60 to 40
Increased Red's base hp from 240 to 250
Red's shields reduced from 30 to 25
Red's hp grenade cost increased from 20 to 30
Red's Kami allies health increased by 40%

**Gameplay: Enemies**
Reduced enemy projectile speed by 20-25% across the board
Increased enemy projectile damage by 10-15% across the board
Enemy Base Fire Rate increased by 25% across the board (except Ducan Elites)
Zombie Turleks movement speed increased by 25%
Kami movement speed increased by 20%
Kami AI aggressiveness increased by 50%
Kami health increased from 36 to 72
Kami Elite health increased from 100 to 140
Wanted damage multiplier increased from 30% to 50%

**Bug Fixes**
Fixed a bug where bounty, scrap and grenades would fall through the floor;
Fixed a bug where the game window would get minimized and the mouse cursor would get stuck;
Fixed a bug where enemy AI would sometimes hug the walls;
Fixed a bug where gamepad input would not register the trigger buttons correctly;
Fixed a bug where Zombie Turleks would not shoot their guns;

Added Ian Szafranski to the Credits for winning the Relic design contest with “Shell Candy”
Removed the “Persistent Objects” feature to improve compatibility and performance for all players;

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