Patch 10/05/2019

Posted by: Slimwaffle on steam_community_announcements May 10, 2019

--Patch Notes—
Fixed a bug with jumping.
Backpacks and backpack equipment slot removed.
Lighting bug fixed.
Lighting adjusted.
Snakes hit-box enlarged.
Pistol ammo count bug fixed.
Animals dying bugs fixed.
Larger animals’ health increase.
Animal behaviour scripts adjusted; return to spawn location, check if in water, aggression check, check if stuck on player crafted building.
Weapon spread adjusted for all guns.
Equipment model viewer is now clearly visible.
Death Loot bag now creates a marker on the map showing the location a player died.
Plot poles now allow fast travel if placed outside.
Fixed Re-spawn camera bug
GUI changes to; HUD, Hot-bar, Inventory, Crafting, Loot bags, Death bags, Storage containers, Equipment Screen.
Placeholder models for planned points of interests.
Zombies added back in to the game at points of interest.

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Outback Survival

Welcome to Australia. Build, Craft, Hunt, Fight. Do whatever it takes to survive. Outback Survival is a single-player Survival experience set in an Australian landscape, that doesn't use zombies.

Developer: Wafflesoft

Publisher: Wafflesoft