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Patch - 0.948 - Pets are back in order

Posted by: Elite Games Ltd on steam_community_announcements May 8, 2019

Most demanded fix for Shiva pets is here. Random pets were messing up game data. Not anymore. Also added few fixes to Coop mode.
And, thx Dungeon Master Dealmi, we now have some texts for events.

All heroes are now locked by default, as used to be. But to unlock them - you need a Diamond. You will get a +1 diamond after leveling any hero to level 3.
If you already have a few saves for a hero that is locked - it will stay, all ok. You will get an option to continue as soon as you will unlock the hero.

+ foxes(pets) - doesn't penetrate armor anymore
+ coop - auto-exit from the game on exit from the lobby
+ coop - created game removed on exit from the lobby
+ maintenance (coop)

+ fixed summing random pets
+ multiplying armor/poison/str now triggers coresponding events correctly(thx Slav)
+ maintenance (event txt)
+ maintenance (summons & suicide)
+ maintenance (pets)

+ leveling any hero to level 3 grants diamond
+ unlocking new heroes via diamonds
+ unlocking new skins via diamonds
+ current saves: all heroes will be locked, but saves will be preserved.
+ current saves: all heroes will grant diamonds retrospectively
+ added new item for Blood Mage(thx fun channel)
+ fixed 'reboot'(Shiva card)
+ fixed crash if undecided loot left unattended for too long
+ maintenance (customization)
+ maintenance (enemies hitboxes)

+ added story texts to events(thx Dungeon Master: Dealmi)
+ maintenance (undecided loot)

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