Patch 3/05/2019

Posted by: Slimwaffle on steam_community_announcements May 3, 2019


--Bug Fixes--
Fixed a bug with punching that double spawned items when using a melee weapon.
Fixed a sound bug with the ambient player not looping.

--Changes to existing content--
Zombies removed from game. Zombies will return with each new POI added.
Cardboard Armour is no longer craft-able.
Cardboard backpacks are no longer craft-able.
Player inventory slot count increased.
Eating now restores health.

--New Stuff--
Delete save button added to main menu (So you don't need to search for save location anymore)
Compass, Map and Waypoint systems added.
11 new species of animals added;
Boar, Dingo, Goat, Rabbit, Brown Snake, Great White Shark, Kangaroo, Grouper, Mackerel, Perch.

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