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Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements May 2, 2019

Hey guys!

For the past year I've been focused primarily on adding the "main story" aspect of the game and finishing features related to the end game including - carriers, at war mechanic and enhancements to platforms.

At this point... the main story is nearly done - with probably just one final mission remaining (to avoid confusion - this mission hasn't been developed and added to the game) - after the player accomplishes certain elements in the sandbox to allow for that mission (which again - will be added later).

So with the game being nearly content complete and being nearly feature complete - I've decided to...



Yeah the game's industry can be a bit silly sometimes... these phases are basically made up and pretty arbitrary.

So to me - it means that I will be now focusing on polish needed to get to release - which the game needs in many aspects...

To help me in this - I created a "Road To Release" forum and have been adding posts to it to help me remember necessary tasks (as they popped into my head and you guys gave me feedback on).

Here's a link: Road To Release Forum

Some tasks are pretty small and some tasks might take a bit of doing.

Either way I overall hope that the "Beta" phase will be relatively quick as - I've been focused on bug fixing through out development (thanks to your many bug reports).

Also during Beta - another big goal of mine is to play the game - start to finish - and polish/improve whatever I can - within reason. I could improve the game forever but... gotta release it some day and then see where this game dev business will take me next.

So I'm super tired, sleepy, burned out - but also super excited!

The road to release is sure to be a very positive chapter in this project - I hope that I smooth out many issues that you guys have been having (especially late game issues) and deliver you a even better experience :)

As always - thank you for your great support!

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