Small fixes

Posted by: Koker 007 on steam_community_announcements April 27, 2019

New achievements

  • Wrong Moses - Complete LVL V
  • Catcher - Shoot down 10 tank shells
  • Downed bird - shoot down a fighter
  • Lessons are canceled - Destroy scholl bus
  • Pensive - Lose with having zero score


  • partially mouse control has been simplified - done at the request of the players
  • police sirens have priority sounding depending on the distance to the player
  • police switch to short siren if they are going to attack
  • now car horns tied with volume settings
  • now sound of a broken wall tied with volume settings
  • now the helicopter has a limit below which it cannot be lowered - he flies only high
  • achievement "Compromising materials" can not get above 2 lvl
  • achievement "In the dark" can not get above 2 lvl
  • parked car turn light signals off by default
  • cars itself is removed if lvl more than 5

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This game with absurd humor. Pee in the toilet, break the toilet, washing machine, make a hole in the wall, piss the police, destroy the city.

Developer: Koker_007

Publisher: Koker_007