Update V10

Posted by: HH Studios on steam_community_announcements April 15, 2019

Hello Everyone

Here are the notes of this update.

Whats new:
- General bug fixing
-Language support : Arabic, Spanish

What will be in the next updates:

- Language supports for: French, Czech, Chinese, Russia, German
- Level design improvements
- Some improvements to musics mainly to character step sounds and end of the level musics.
- Few different store and achievement localizations
- Other hidden bugs and improvements..

Do let me know if you have any suggestions.!

Thank you


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Here are the notes of this update.

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The Tension

The Tension is a stealth-based puzzle horror game. It's a game where the player can see the character from the top camera view and control it. The main mentality of the game taken from Alien Isolation. You will be controlling a kid who got kidnapped by aliens. You will be trying to escape from their mother ship.

Developer: Yigit Tatlipinar

Publisher: HH Studios