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Posted by: Aggroblakh on steam_community_announcements April 15, 2019

Hi all,

Mostly minor gameplay tweaks this update to improve the game rather than adding new features.


  • Units now spread out when building a line of trenches, communication trenches, or barbed wire. This is done to prevent crowding and reduce micromanagement. However, it should be noted that this doesn't apply for single-tile structures like dugouts or field hospitals, nor does it apply for underground structures.

  • Added a new forest variation.
  • Bug in which sight was not extending for units in blockhouses has been fixed.
  • Enemy now starts with some wire pre-built.
  • Following on, wire effects have been tweaked so that units will be stunned as they cross wire, rather than simply stopping in their tracks. The duration of the stun is longer depending on how heavy the wire is.

Thanks for playing!

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I hope you're having a nice holiday. I've reworked the reinforcement/fortification mechanic this week, as I wasn't really satisfied with the pointlessness of it as it previously was.

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