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small update

Posted by: Koker 007 on steam_community_announcements April 10, 2019

Global change

  • if the game is not active, it stops
  • the shader tracing the contour of the objects become clearer
  • now all target-objects are painted only in yellow
  • now health of objects cannot be below zero
  • now the viewing angle is 75 degrees instead of 50


  • added door
  • added liquid soap
  • washing machine become half lighter
  • all items of level 1 give twice as many points, so this level has become easier to pass
  • health "outlet power" reduced by half


  • added airplane for background, this no target
  • the player moves twice as fast to the position of this level


  • slightly reduced buildings strength, so this level has become easier


  • added air-fighter

Bug fix

  • player points have an integer value in the results table

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This game with absurd humor. Pee in the toilet, break the toilet, washing machine, make a hole in the wall, piss the police, destroy the city.

Developer: Koker_007

Publisher: Koker_007