Today: watch us play Phoenix Point, Knights and Bikes, Heaven's Vault more live from EGX Rezzed

Posted by: [email protected] (Alec Meer) on rps April 4, 2019

EGX Rezzed 2019 kicks off today: all the best games will be there, and all the best people will be schlepping to London to see ’em. Except you. You’re the best person, clearly, but London? No way, mate.

Good news! You can watch the RPS video team playing a bunch of the most exciting and/or charming games from the show, live from the comfort of whatever you prefer to gawp at a monitor or phone from. Today’s line-up includes Julian Gollop’s X-COM heir Phoenix Point, the Double Fine-published Knights And Bikes and Samurai Gunn 2, Inkle’s Heaven’s Vault and many, many more. (Alright, nine more. And even more tomorrow, yeah?)


Knights And Bikes

KNIGHTS AND BIKES is a hand-painted action-adventure set on a British island in the 1980s. You’ll play as Nessa & Demelza, tough imaginative girls, exploring the island in a Goonies-inspired tale. An adventure that sees them pedalling into danger, seeking treasure and ancient mysteries to solve.

Developer: Foam Sword

Publisher: Double Fine Presents