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Space Cake (Update 0.9.8)

Posted by: Flonor on steam_community_announcements March 31, 2019

Gaia Beyond took off into the steam universe one year ago. 🎂🚀

We've hunted mutations, been chased by bats, fixed broken legs, found treasures in wrecks - and sure been grinding the hell out of those asteroids!

Time flew by like nothing (possible evidence for dimension shift... gonna check that later, let's focus on making this a great indiegame for now!) A big thanks to the awesome people who supported us during the last year and to the new fans!!

Anniversary discount running until tomorrow, April 1st!

  • New pirate portraits

    • Dr. Rick
    • Colonel Hintz
    • Captain Jack Sperrholz

  • "Resume game" button added to main menu

  • Ships & Weapons

    • Mosura -> 3 different versions (purchasable soon!)
    • Shock weapons use burst mechanic now
    • Create a "human_dropped" emitter on player death

  • World

    • Ship radar and detailed mode upgrade to include landed ships and add radar gain/loss events
    • Right-side world: Pirate spawners & Fortress
    • One Hard Day of Work quest improvements
    • New trashfields & asteroid spawners
    • Overall nebula parallax improvements (detailed nebulas slower, blurred ones remain)
    • Distance between station <-> turret platforms doubled
    • Repair sign redesign + animation
    • Nebula polishing / some artifact smoothing / final edge fixes

    • Callisto got an atmosphere (+slight texture improvement)

  • UI

    • Add a free giveaway option if the trader doesn't have enough money
    • Ship trade hud: add credits info / overall layout cleanup
    • Character main: XP progress bar
    • Loading screen hints: key map update, quicksave info added
    • Show the patch notes when clicking on the version text

  • Portrait updates

    • 3rd Zion male added to random spawner
    • Seraphim male replaced by Applicator pic
    • Ursa portrait switch
    • Overall assignment updates + some very old pics removed
    • Pirate default male polishing

  • Some small JSON loading improvements

  • Waechter hacking: The leaving ships are broken
  • Detail range collision category can be overwritten when leaving (O Dog collision state is broken)
  • Unicode crash when the Russian thousands separator is used
  • Font getTextExtent() rare crash
  • Text Box Popup: typing A+D keys fire focus events
  • Atlas could have a nonexistent "7_1" dialog block
  • Noob Henderson: Ignore the Pre-destroy callback when he is far away (is ignored)
  • Auxi is now too fast out of range in the Tutorial stage
  • Quest arrow draw can crash in map mode if the target has no map drawable set
  • Use link_to_scale_is_instant for all engine/light/fan/sign emitter
  • Savegames: When a docked parent of a ship is not available anymore the physics state is broken
  • An empty analysis HUD is shown when a save is loaded with the Analysis HUD visible
  • Map mode shows ships that shouldn't be visible
  • AI: Don't mine or try to collect cargo if there is no cargo space
  • Radar awareness improvements
  • Hud: Radar elements can leave visual circle boundaries
  • Different types of decimal point and thousands separator formatting
  • fix an UnicodeStringException
  • If a ship slot is clicked or controller activated the tooltip is lost
  • Mouse cursor default image should be different in HUD windows
  • When allow_target_loss_on_events is disabled don't retaliate when attacked
  • Player turrets don't stop shooting when target is dead
  • Trade HUD: Show the actual 'after trade credits' if one side doesn't have enough credits
  • Handle message answer unicode strings correctly when animating (use the code point lengths)
  • When allow_target_loss_on_events is disabled don't join fights on request
  • Particle emitter data: Add the missing emitter_iteration_interval entries
  • Input text: backspace repeat not working
  • Tooltip comparison with lasers sometimes does not use the dps
  • Add_Weapon_Cargo()/Add_Shield_Cargo()/Add_Device_Cargo() crashes when the element is not found
  • Cancel the ship leaving state if the target distance is too big
  • Never start the collision evasion when landing/leaving
  • Pirates should not talk
  • Ship data without a drawable set crashes the inventory HUD
  • Landable HUD does not call the the hud window Enter/Leave event
  • Old config files: The right mouse button could have 2 assignments
  • Credits screen is broken if logic hz is over ~70
  • Correctly unlink and delete Trade HUD cargo equipped links
  • Devices are sometimes not deleted (memory leaks)

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Gaia Beyond

Gaia Beyond is a handcrafted 2D Action-RPG, an exploration mix built around the core features fighting, mining and trading. Your decisions are footprints within a vast non-linear solar system. Forge alliances among numerous factions and develop relations with hundreds of NPCs.

Developer: Warp Turtle

Publisher: Warp Turtle