A huge update v0.970

Posted by: tino on steam_community_announcements March 22, 2019

  • Added a new mode: Hunter mode to acquire bounty by hunting numerous enemies during 20 stages has been added. It is harder than Adventure mode.
  • Costume added: 1 costume has been added for each character. This costume can be used when the charater clears [Transcended Universe Lv. 1 or more]
  • Skill Evolution System: A system has been added to evolve acquired skills.
  • Added cards and skills : 22 different cards and 17 skills have been added.
  • Added character animation and effects: Added a lot of character animations and VFX.
  • Hitting, striking expression has been fixed. (Constant editing)
  • Some sound effects have been changed or removed. (Constant editing)
  • Some UI design changed.

  • Existing card balance changed
  • Claire's ‘Vampiric State’ function has changed.
  • ‘Vampiric State’ and ‘Faith’ no longer delete each other.
  • The option to limit the use of some cards in Helena has been removed.
  • "Overheat" has been fixed with no attribute buff.
  • 'Cost is zero during this turn' feature has been fixed to 'Cost is zero for one time'.
  • When you buy a card from the data store during battle, it is immediately available in that battle.
  • Added confirmation question pop-up, when trying to disable a skill, using gold.

Many cards and skills have changed, which can lead to errors in continuing. We recommend that you proceed with the New Game.
It is also recommended that you check the cards and skills added and changed through the Library.

There would be some bugs that we haven't found, if so, please report them to us. We will fix them asap.


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