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Hotfix 3.75 Details

Posted by: Magic Unicorn on steam_community_announcements March 18, 2019

- Base capturing was turned off for redesign
- Clans are available from 10th level
- Awards for prize places were increased more than twice
- In diamond league all the places are awarded, however, the prize for 4th place is significantly lower. Itโ€™s a compensation for โ€œpersistencyโ€
- Gold and silver leagues are expanded to 6 place in each: 4 prize places and 2 places without award.
- In bronze league the amount of prize places is increased to 5
- The time of boosting the upgrade delivery decreases with waiting
- Cooldown of napalm core is increased to 45 seconds
- ALL repair kits cooldown is 50 seconds
- Premium repair kit (for gold) became more expensive; clan repair kit became cheaper and weaker
- Drowning on swamp is temporary turned off
- Physics on mobile devices is simplified for optimization
- Camera on mobile devices can be zoomed by fingers
- Tank road-holding is improved
- Many technical fixes
- Preparation for main updates

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