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Note: due to implementation of new features, if you load a saved game from version 0.8.18, all items you had in item racks/wardrobe will be gone. Only items in equipment slots and inventory will be carried over to this new version.

☆ House customization

Now you can customize most of interior furniture and decorations in your apartment room. House customization is done by interacting with a panel next to wardrobe and placing items in slots on a map of your room. Most house customization items can be bought at Shoujo Mart store. These items include:

  • item racks for putting items on display
  • PC desks
  • fridges
  • dining tables
  • recycle bin
  • Event items: Christmas tree and a wreath, Jack-o’-lantern
  • wall clocks
  • curtains and blinds
  • PCs

By default, your apartment room will have one PC desk with a PC, a dining table, and a wall poster with basic cooking instructions. You can remove these items and/or add any number of other house items as long as there are empty slots remaining. Item racks and PC desks take two slots, all other objects occupy one. In total, there are 25 house customization slots in your room. Collectible items (e.g., pine cones and mini-figurines) now can be placed on display on the dining table. The default Japanese style dining table now can be replaced with a European one (with chairs).

Fridges have 9 item slots + 1 slot for a collectible item on top. All food and cooking ingredients not stored in fridges will lose 30% of quality overnight, so you should put all food in a fridge before going to bed.

☆ Improved camera controls

Improving camera controls was one of the most requested features by many players. Now, when you rotate camera, instead of stopping at obstacles, it will attempt to slide along walls and other surfaces to avoid obstacles and continue rotation. This is an experimental feature, and it may be changed in the future depending on feedback.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Perimeter fence in the Summer Town map is redesigned.
  • Improved 3D models and preview images for several food items (better shadows and higher quality textures).
  • All food and food ingredients items now can be viewed in 3D mode. Since IDs of several food items were changed, they will appear as deleted in your inventory (if you load a saved game). Put such items into recycle bin and get new ones from Shoujo Mart store.
  • Improved textures for school desks.
  • New 3D model for mini-grill.
  • Better interaction triggers for several chairs and benches. Now you can sit down at PC desks and school desks both from left and right side.
  • Fixed a minor bug with head jittering if you looked at your pillow from a certain angle when it was placed on some chairs/benches.

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