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Posted by: richard on steam_community_announcements March 15, 2019

* Enjoy premium VR content playlists that are curated and updated daily.

* Supports offline video play, just download and watch it on the go!

* Use VeeR mobile app to discover and bookmark content, and watch it in your headset.

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VeeR Weekly Highlights 5.13 - 5.19

VeeR VR:VR Video and Movie Platform - May 17, 2019

Hi VeeRians :) Check out what happened in the community last week!

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VeeR VR:VR Video and Movie Platform

Explore the newest premium VR 360/VR videos, photos, and interactive experiences that will WOW you on VeeR. Enjoy Cannes, Tribeca, Venice Film Festival featured films, immerse yourself in innovative animated experiences, and discover the world and beyond in HD.

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