Check out iOS version teaser!

Posted by: ElJorro on steam_community_announcements March 14, 2019

Hey folks! You know what they say: an apple a day keeps the doctors away?

Well, it won't keep us from making a mobile version of the game!

You've asked for it and now we're going for it! First, iOS, then — the whole world!!!

Or maybe not the whole world, but we're definitely coming to mobile. Behold our little teaser proving that it actually exists:

If you happen to be around this year's GDC or PAX, you can even check out this bad baby in action! It's still early in the works, but we're getting there.

Trust us, it won't be a simple blunt port, we'll introduce some new features too, along with new control scheme, specially tailored for your touchy displays.

Oh, and don't forget that we have public Trello board so you could check on our progress at any time:
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