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THE MUTATO (Update 0.9.0)

Posted by: Flonor on steam_community_announcements March 13, 2019

Hey aliens,

Hope everyone had a kickstart-2K19. This update brings you a big bunch of new features and maybe even some outer-world experiences. As promised, we polished a pile of features, such as ships (including the community favorite 'Wing Fighter'), and also brought you some new ones. Looking at the new quests, this would have also made a great Halloween update ;)

Because this patch note is going to be a bit more comprehensive, we've decided to give it an own video summary!

Also, the Original Soundtrack is fully released now and available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud - check it out!

Alright now, LET'S GO!!

New sidequests

  • The Mutation
    Cram Bokaj first sidequest arc finishable (includes 2 new hidden sidequests)

  • "We Can't Stop Here..."
    Introducing O-Dog's secret sidequest

  • Level of Subsistence
    A miniquest about stolen air filters on an ISA research station

Equipable devices

  • Here is a new way to modify all of your ships - the passive device feature is done! The thruster feature has been bound to equips as well, which allows higher-tier thrusters - meaning more speeeed for your vessel!

New ships

And suddenly, it's just there - equipped with a new kind of laser weapon. Pro tip: If you encounter it, quicksave before waking it up. ;)

New weapons

  • Zion weapons: Bucky, Matic, Betta Gun
  • Jodorowsky Zapper
  • Mining Tool
  • More weapon upgrades
  • New spotlight turret

    Spotlights are purchasable now, yet totally useless. ;)


  • Unique weapon icons for the turret class, spam, and shock weapons
  • New trade icons
  • Lab location icon

New achievements

  • Ships

    • AI ship movement improvements
    • J12 ships polishing
    • The Waechter polishing
    • Improve the ship landing behavior
    • Add an option to switch to the ship after buying one
    • Overall ship speed balancing
    • Improve the weapon target is in range checks
    • CoC transporters (resolution x2, turret fix, minor details - overview)
    • CoC Mining Station small restructuring
    • Some station sizes increased (more to come)

  • World

    • Background vs. foreground wrecks: depth effect & parallax improvements*
    • More Zion Farms (including more Trash selling opportunity)
    • Randomly position the asteroid cargo drops inside the collision geometry
    • Prometheus wreck station polishing
    • New GAC ship wreck site added
    • Faction spawner added to CoC Stargard
    • Drones slightly highlighted
    • Cliff Farm / Zion Farms small changes

      *There is a known bug slowing down the parallax movement of background wrecks when zoomed-out - which looks wrong :D Should be fixed in one of the next patches

  • Dialogs

    • New origin selection texts
    • Intro dialog cuts (Auxilium, Shiro / Henderson)
    • Many dialog corrections & improvements

  • Portraits

    • 3 Zion dudes

    • FTA female, Atlantic female

    • Cram Bokaj small corrections

  • FX

    • Dynamic foreground stars effect (higher-speeds feedback)
    • Front thruster emitters for all ships
    • Regular thruster FX improved
    • Shuttle signal lights improved
    • Neon signs (it's a sci-fi game after all!)
    • Airlock "spaced" animation visibility & duration improved
    • "Repeater" / echo effect, used on bats
    • FX improvements on some projectiles (wip)
    • Main menu background & animation improvements



    • OpenGL rendering updates and performance improvements
    • Safer game initialization
    • Add a info.json for the level version info (also useful for modding)
    • Add a savegame "version info not found" state
    • Error logging improvements


    • Ship control instructions updated in tutorial & HUD hints
    • Wei Xiu, Akihiko, Chin-Mae, Frakes, Getty, Huang Feihung, Marley, and Werner now use the Ship HUD
    • Improve the Inventory HUD Cargo Tooltip
    • Item comparison: hovered item is now highlighted
    • Item data cleanup (icons assignments, descriptions & more)
    • Inventory ship viewport expanded
    • Fully integrate the quickbar when the Landable HUD is open
    • Updated the GUI Renderer
    • Add an "Inspect" button for items with text
    • Sidequest icons are smaller
    • Location info textbox expanded

    With the full release of the soundtrack, all the mastered music tracks by Miguel Johnson have been upgraded to high-quality audio files.

    • Shield does not regen when landed
    • Trade amount window can't be closed with Esc
    • Stationary Traders on planets and stations need more cargo space
    • Unselectable answers can be selected with a controller
    • Correctly restore the disabled_color for controller selected answers
    • Changing music volume ingame from low to high does not work (it is clamped to the start volume)
    • Burst firing is disabled on weapon equip or a forced stop fire event
    • Mining NPC are stuck when they use mines as weapon
    • Inventory HUD: Damage type in slot tooltips is widened
    • Background stars z ordering is broken
    • Location name can be behind the quest target icon
    • Ship damage from asteroid collision is too low
    • Radar window clashes with the notification window
    • Mathilde shuttle can be owned by randoms
    • Cooldown bars freeze when the map camera moves a certain distance
    • Setup the player radar range state instantly on spawn (mainly for bullets)
    • Old savegames: Recreate Bartholdys station if it's missing
    • Hide the selection_info if the Landable HUD is visible
    • A physics engine div by zero fix
    • Show item received/removed notifications longer if on a landable
    • Don't update the Radar HUD when it's not visible
    • Turret lasers don't stop shooting after target was destroyed
    • Bullet speed is displayed on laser tooltips
    • Journal HUD: text lines vertical padding is missing
    • Remove some possible spammy error logging
    • Asteroid nitrogen debris emitter missing
    • Character HUD: XP color is missing
    • Ring spawner: asteroids missing at the arc end on savegame load
    • Assign_Shield(): Initially charged shields can crash if the slot does not match
    • AI: Max distance for shooting ignores the shield radius
    • Firing is still enabled while bursting
    • "Default drops" group added to gemstone asteroids (more drops)
    • Some weapon slot positions and collision fixes
    • Low turn rate ships can circle around landables infinitely
    • Rename the "Decrease Velocity" shortcut key to "Reverse Velocity"
    • Support modifying person savegame json data before loading starts
    • Level_Savegame_Sprite_Json_Loaded() is sometimes not called
    • Horizontal Map Crosshairs missing on lower resolutions
    • Ambient 1 music track ending cut-off
    • Henderson: The Pre_Destroy callback should not be active from the start
    • ship_damage_lightning_1 emitter_iteration_interval is not set
    • Fix Get_Primary_Shield() can return the wrong shield
    • Shield bars blinking when only the second shield slot is equipped
    • Planet rotations: more "authentic" speed and direction improvements
    • Opaque glow removed from GAC ships
    • Quest Item Counter does not display merged stacks correctly
    • Script Get_Cargo_Amount() crashes
    • Item data corrections
    • Ship slot & assignment corrections
    • Glyph missing (long hyphen not supported)
    • Wreck station #5 collision fix
    • Zion Farms have 2 shield slots (Medium + Big)

    Snowball Cannons have been removed with this update. If you got them, they will stay with the savegame, though!

    Let's have a chat on Discord:

    Learn more & stay tuned!
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