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Professional Fishing | New interface, new catch camera and more!

Posted by: Raintek on steam_community_announcements March 11, 2019

So, here we are! It took us a while but we finally did it. Today we bring a totally new interface for our game and a few other things.

Hope you will like the changes that we made. Please, welcome the 1.1 update!


Version: 1.1
Added / New:

  • New interface

    • fish species are visible on the map selection screen,
    • the selection of lures and equipment takes place by pressing the icon. You no longer have to drag & drop items.
    • the name of the map and room number is displayed in the game interface,
    • player profile is now also available from the fishery,
    • new music in-game menu,

  • New catch camera - 3rd person view for fish weighing over 5 kg,
  • Fish weighing over 5 kg can be sold without leaving the map,
  • Tips of some floats now glow at night,


  • VIP account

    • level requirements:
      From today's update, the VIP account will no longer unlock all maps and items. The new VIP system lowers the required level for equipment and maps by 6 levels.
      The rest of the VIP account functionality remained unchanged.

  • Items durability
    Lures, lines, and other consumable items wear out only if you caught or lost the fish.

  • Russian map:

    • new lake in the middle of the forest,
    • terrain modification near the start location,

  • Increased number of fish on some maps,

New interface

What can I say - just turn on the game and tell us what you think about it! The team did a really great job.

VIP changes

Since today's update, the VIP account has been slightly changed. Many people complained that playing the game with VIP was becoming pointless for them - because everything in the store, as well as all maps, are already unlocked. So we decided to make a small change - from today the VIP account reduces the required level by 6 levels.

How does it look in practice?
Normal account: Sakura Mitsio (required level 24)
VIP account: Sakura Mitsio (required level 18)

This is quite a significant change, so we will want to conduct a survey and get to know your opinion on the changes introduced in update 1.1.

Consumable items wear

Many players complained about the rapid wear of consumables. Therefore, we decided to change it and from now, all consumables items will wear out only after a successful catch or fish lose (line broke, etc.).

Night floats

A small change, but important as any other! Some floats glow now at night! Night fishing should be much easier now!

New catch camera

So it's finally here! Thanks to everyone for participating in the open beta tests! Thanks to you, we have improved a few things and we hope that big fish will look really big now!

Kind Regards,
RafaƂ - Project Manager in Ultimate Games S.A.

Professional Fishing

Are you falling asleep with a rod? Never again! Professional Fishing will never let you fall asleep! Play an amazing fishing simulator and feel like a real angler! Create your own fishing club and compete with others!

Developer: MasterCode,Dueking

Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.