Tutorial #4 expected to release tomorrow (3.10.2019)

Posted by: WEB Gaming Entertainment on steam_community_announcements March 10, 2019

Hello everyone!

Part 1 of the fourth tutorial should be released tomorrow. I was hoping to have it completed by mid week over the course of this past week, but given the size of this particular tutorial, it required a few adjustments which lead us to determine that it would make more sense to break up this particular tutorial into 2 parts.

The first part will release tomorrow which covers the how-to's on actually setting up your teams and then creating a product. The second part which should release next week will cover the marketing, shipping and post release process of product management.

It is also worth noting that some things can and will change regarding the processes of the game, so the tutorials will evolve over time to reflect those changes. The idea is to continue to polish and streamline the experience overall.

Here are some notes regarding where we are currently in Early Access development and the plan going into the next few months.

Current Development Status

  • Tutorials have been a huge focus so that learning how to play the game can be a bit easier. We should be finished with this by next week. Tomorrow, as mentioned above--will see us release part 1 of tutorial #4 into the game. We will aim to get part 2 in by the end of next week.

  • We are now (finally) in the process of setting up the schedule of development for the next few months. We plan to share that on our website (which unfortunately has not had an update in a while due to the heavy focus on development, etc..). We are giving ourselves at least two weeks for this, so updates may be a bit lite over that period of time.

  • We are indeed aware of some performance and bug issues (thanks for sharing them on Discord and here in the community!). We will focus on these as soon as possible to improve the gameplay experience.

  • Even before getting the schedule out to you, we do know that over the next two months, the goal will be to get the current gameplay as polished as possible. Once that has been completed, it will then make the most sense to begin adding on top of that foundation.

Please continue to leave your feedback as it is and has been very useful in resolving issues and improving the game overall.

Please remember you can join us on Discord to report bugs, provide feedback and more using this link: https://discord.gg/EPKzSbk. Throughout early access we will be taking your feedback and bug reports which will help us prioritize the most important features and bugs that need prompt attention

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