Posted by: Aggroblakh on steam_community_announcements March 5, 2019

Hi all,

The game has been crashing quite a bit, most of the time when starting a new map or returning to the main menu. I've managed to track it down to an issue with the font loading improperly. I've now changed the default font from Century Schoolbook to good old Times New Roman. It's no longer period appropriate, but at least it won't be causing issues any more.


  • Crashes when returning to the main menu or starting a new map have been fixed!
  • Font is now Times New Roman.
  • If fog of war is enabled, enemy-controlled tiles will now be seen as open ground when clicked on until they are revealed.
  • Bug in which showing unit attack ranges would reveal hidden tiles when fog of war was enabled has been addressed.
  • Line of sight has been tweaked so that units can no longer shoot over hills.
  • Some pathfinding optimizations have taken place, which hopefully makes the game run a bit smoother.
  • Elevation Map now appears above other ground tiles, making it easier to see the elevation of trenches, etc.
  • Errors in calculation of total division numbers, morale, supply, and readiness have all been fixed.
  • Bug with names and alternate names of reserve units disappearing have been fixed.
  • Default names of units now have proper notation. For instance, 1st Brigade, 2nd Battalion, C Company, 3rd Platoon is now 1/2/C/ 3rd Platoon.
  • Star shells now decrement properly when used.
  • Units supplying an area no longer distribute supplies to units outside that area.

I'm still working on getting Help text into the game, accessible from the pause menu. Let me know if there's anything that needs more explaining and I'll make sure it gets in right away.

Thanks for playing!

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I hope you're having a nice holiday. I've reworked the reinforcement/fortification mechanic this week, as I wasn't really satisfied with the pointlessness of it as it previously was.

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