[Until 5/3] Exclusive Mardi Gras Box: Dracula vs. Puppet Master

Posted by: [CM]LadySky on steam_community_announcements February 27, 2019

Something brushes past you in the darkness. What was that? You spin around, and out of the corner of your eye you think to catch a glimpse of what looks like a deep black cloak disappearing. *click* From somewhere a torchlight sheds a beam of light, casting a sinister game of shadows as it inches along the wall. In a sudden puff of smoke, a musty old chest materialises at your feet. You gaze at it in surprise, as a piece of paper wafts gently down to land on the dark wood.

Peering at the note in the dim light, you make out a sentence scratched in red ink (or is it blood?): ‘Search the NosMall until 5th March 2019.’

With a loud ‘knack’ you unlatch the Dracula Random Box, in the knowledge that one of the following items must be contained within:

  • Dracula Set
  • Puppet Master’s Set (only for girls)
  • Puppet Master’s Bear Set (only for boys)
  • Magic Sleigh
  • 30x Sealed Vessels
  • 30x Soulstone Blessing
  • 3x Tarot Card Game
  • 60x Cylloan Spring Water
  • 1x Magic Speed Booster (7 Days)

‘Just the thing for a trainee bloodsucker and passionate puppet master!’ you think, closing your eyes and reaching into the depths of the chest. The Dracula Set is especially tempting, as it grants you a total of +30% champion experience alongside other cool effects.

Your hands close around the item and you slowly pull it out.
What will it be?

Find out in the NosMall!

The NosTale Team

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