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Touhou Luna Nights slashes out of early access

Posted by: [email protected] (Dominic Tarason) on rps February 26, 2019

Touhou and Castlevania are two great flavours that have been paired for years now, but I think that Touhou Luna Nights might be the best blend yet. A slick metroidvania by Team Ladybug (the folks behind that neat Shin Megami Tensei promo game), it’s been in early access since August last year, adding a new zone every couple months. Today, the final levels were added, and the game officially launched. Take a look at its time-freezing powers, puzzling, platforming and some bosses that seem quite fond of screen-filling rainbow lasers in the launch trailer below.


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Touhou Luna Nights

Touhou Luna Night's is a 2D search action (Metroidvania) video game. After creating many action games, this is a new project from Team Ladybug.

Developer: Vaka Game Magazine,Team Ladybug

Publisher: Why so serious?,PLAYISM